PRE (24 Pack)


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Purchase a case of Pre. Finally, a delicious better-for-you beverage that rehydrates, pre-plenishes, and nourishes your body, without caffeine, sugar, or calories.

Great for hangovers (before & after you drink), for workouts, or just swapping out unhealthy drinks!

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Developed over 18 months, Pre has been scientifically formulated using ingredients known to support our bodies’ defenses. Our drink offers a delicious, proprietary blend of vitamins, extracts & electrolytes, all designed to support your lifestyle choices.

Unlike energy drinks, sugary carbonated beverages, and ‘so-called’ vitamin & electrolyte drinks, Pre is truly delivering enough vitamins, minerals, electrolytes & natural extracts to have a real beneficial impact on your body. Pre is also the tasty alternative to energy drinks and sugary carbonated drinks.

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